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Xeomin in Santa Monica, CA

Xeomin is a highly purified protein injected into the skin to relax the muscles that cause some kinds wrinkles.

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Xeomin is most commonly used for cosmetic purposes, primarily to reduce dynamic facial creases and furrows. Xeomin injections are relatively painless, as the needle used is significantly smaller than those used for other injectable fillers.

The best candidates for Xeomin are men and women seeking an enhanced appearance with smoother folds and creases. In addition, it is important that those seeking treatment are in good physical health are not pregnant or nursing, and do not have a neuromuscular disorder. The procedure only takes a few minutes and required no anesthetic. Day-to-day activities can be resumed immediately afterwards. Deep creases begin to fade within 24 hours, with continued improvement over the next 5 days.

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