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Forehead Lift (Brow Lift) in Santa Monica, CA

The forehead is one of the first areas to show signs of the aging process. Repetitive, expressive elevation of the eyebrows creates horizontal creases in the forehead over time. Laxity of the forehead with aging causes a lowering of the brows, resulting in a heavy or hooded appearance around the eyes. Brow lifting can remarkably improve this appearance and can be part of a generalized lift of the forehead.

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The forehead muscle (frontalis) is the only elevator of the eyebrows, so it’s common for it to become overused, thickened, or stretched as we age. With the addition of gravity, genetics, sun exposure, and harsh environments, dynamic furrows eventually form permanent creases, which can cause us to have an aged, stressed, or tired appearance. With a forehead lift, patients can enjoy a lasting solution to eyebrow or forehead heaviness without the need for repeated muscle relaxer injections (BOTOX® Cosmetic) or dermal fillers.

What Are the Benefits of a Forehead Lift?


Natural Facial Expressions

Forehead, or brow, lift surgery targets moderate to severe laxity in the upper face by tightening facial muscles, repositioning fat, and trimming lax skin. Brow lift surgery produces natural-looking and revitalizing results that restore your ability to express your full gamut of emotions. No longer will you have to look annoyed or tired when you are actually expressing some other emotion.


Restored Facial Balance

If your tissue laxity is limited to one area of the face, such as the brows or forehead, your facial features will appear unbalanced. Brow lift surgery is ideal for patients whose signs of aging are limited to the upper face or those who have undergone a cosmetic procedure on their lower face, such as a facelift. By addressing the upper-third of the face with a brow lift, patients can maintain harmonious facial contours.


Reduced Signs of Aging

Forehead lift surgery can significantly reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Many patients are familiar with what is known as the “11” frown lines that form in between the brows and the deep lines that form horizontally across the forehead. A forehead lift reduces or eliminates many of these, allowing for a smoother, tighter forehead.

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What Happens During a Forehead Lift?


Your consultation with Dr. Butler is an essential part of your forehead lift/brow lift procedure. During this meeting, Dr. Butler will:

    • Perform a physical examination
    • Review your medical history
    • Discuss your desired goals for this procedure
    • Evaluate the thickness, texture, and elasticity of your forehead skin
    • Evaluate your bone structure
    • Evaluate the overall appearance of your eyebrows and eyelids and the position of your eyebrows
    • Use information and digital imaging to determine the most appropriate surgical approach
    • Explain your chosen surgical approach in great detail

Forehead Lift Procedure

Your forehead lift/brow lift surgery is performed in our fully accredited Santa Monica surgery center under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Extra time is allotted for more involved procedures, but, as a rule, brow lift surgery requires one hour to perform. This is an outpatient procedure, and you will be transported comfortably to the recovery center shortly after treatment.

Forehead Lift/Brow Lift Techniques

Dr. Butler uses only the most advanced and refined brow lifting techniques. These techniques allow the underlying fat, muscles, and deep tissues to be lifted, contoured, and repositioned according to your characteristics. Additionally, when necessary, loose skin can be trimmed and refitted.

  • Endoscopic Brow Lift – Tightens forehead tissues and lifts sagging brows using the assistance of a fiber-optic camera. This technique allows for smaller incisions made behind the hairline.
  • Transblepharoplasty Brow Lift – Tightens forehead tissues and lifts sagging brows from below through a typical upper eyelid lift incision in patients who require moderate correction.

Forehead Lift/Brow Lift Incisions

Forehead lift and brow lift incisions are made along or within the hairline. Dr. Butler also provides options for men with a bald head or a receding hairline.

Restoration of Volume

Having studied the forehead for years, Dr. Butler understands that lifting and repositioning the tissues is not always enough. Many patients benefit from the restoration of additional facial volume. Fat grafting can provide natural enhancement to the temples or thinning areas of the brow.


Your forehead lift/brow lift results will become apparent shortly after your operation and continue to improve over the following weeks. You will notice a smoother, more youthful forehead appearance that will last for years to come.

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Have More Concerns About Forehead Lift Surgery?


Frequently Asked Questions About the Forehead Lift

Is a forehead lift permanent?

Dr. Butler believes that nothing is permanent when it comes to surgery since no surgery can stop the natural aging process. Still, you will continue to look younger and more rejuvenated than if you did not have your forehead lift.

What are the side effects of a forehead lift/brow lift?

Complications with forehead lift and brow lift surgery are rare, but they are possible. Potential physical complications include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Changes in skin sensation, which are usually temporary
  • Adverse reactions to the anesthesia
  • Unfavorable scarring

You can reduce your risk of these side effects by following all of Dr. Butler’s recommendations before and after the surgery.

What are the non-surgical alternatives to a forehead lift/brow lift?

While significant forehead aging is best addressed with brow lift surgery, patients who experience a mild degree of forehead aging may find relief with non-surgical dermal fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic, or laser resurfacing.

What procedures can be combined with my forehead lift/brow lift?

A forehead lift is often performed in combination with a neck lift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), or nasal reshaping (rhinoplasty). Liposculpture (fat grafting) can be utilized for patients with deficient, excess, or misplaced fat in the face or neck.

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