Silhouette Lift

ImageProxy-5A Silhouette Lift® is a revolutionary approach for patients just beginning to have noticeable facial sagging. It is not designed to replace facelifting for more significant aging changes, but can be used early to defer the more substantial procedure. It can also be used to freshen the appearance of a patient who has had a much earlier facelift.

During the Silhouette Lift , a procedure, which truly does qualify as a “lunchtime lift”, local anaesthesia is used to allow placement of special threads beneath the skin. These threads have none of the flaws associated with early suture-lift procedures. They make it possible to lift skin and underlying fat to provide subtle rejuvenation. The results of this procedure are visible within a week. Time off from work is minimal, and the procedure can be combined with other subtle enhancements to the brows, eyes and chin. The Silhouette Lift in no way interferes with later facelifting, when this becomes desirable.