Liposuction in Santa Monica

While a healthy, consistent layer of fat under the skin provides youthful smooth fullness, excessive fat accumulation in the face, neck and elsewhere can be unsightly. Liposculpture refers to the reduction of malpositioned deposits of fat and when necessary relocation of fat to areas of deficiency. Reduction is usually accomplished by utilizing a thin vacuum tube inserted under the skin (liposuction in Santa Monica). This can be performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation or under general anesthesia depending on the extent of treatment necessary. It is very common to incorporate liposculpture with other cosmetic procedures such as face or neck lifting to obtain natural rejuvenation.

Tumescent liposuction refers to an anesthetic technique commonly used to expand the fat layer to be reduced with a dilute local anesthetic solution that markedly increases comfort and diminishes bruising. Most patients experience an extended period of pain relief in an area infused with the tumescent solution, making the post-operative recovery all the better.

Structural fat grafting refers to injection of tiny amounts of one’s own fat in very smooth layers to restore youthful fullness where needed. The fat is harvested by traditional liposuction, specially treated, then transferred by injection to the needed areas.

The results of restoring volume loss in the under-eye, cheek, lip and jawline (such an important contribution to facial aging) can be remarkably natural.